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Unfortunately there is no comprehensive glossary on Astronomy in Te Reo Māori (at least to our knowledge).
Below are suggestions for websites that give mostly translations of astronomical object names and concepts or specific information
on Matariki.

Taatai Arorangi (Māori Astronomy) section in AstronomyNZ website of the Phoenix Astronomical Society, with catalogue of star names,  seasonal star charts,  etc.
A Teapot in Paradise’ website on Māori star and constellation names.
Korero Māori website with He kupu tātai arorangi (Astronomical terms) and Matariki facts and figures.
Te Ara (The pathway), General Encyclopedia of New Zealand
Specific site about Matariki and Matariki events.



There are many glossaries on Astronomy and Space science on the internet.
Here is a list of our favourite ones:

Hubblesite glossary. This glossary defines terms and abbreviations used within HubbleSite, Amazing Space, and other Web sites produced by the Office of Public Outreach at the Space Telescope Science Institute.
(Alphabetic index; no search).
The Lexicon and Glossary of Terms in LEVEL 5 (NASA/IPAC extra galactic Astronomy and Cosmology) is a compilation and modern updating of astronomical terms designed to cover all of astronomy, including particle physics and some statistics.
(Alphabetic index; no search). glossary. Also links here to other glossaries, astronomy topics, etc.
(Alphabetic index; no search).
NASA’s Imagine the Universe dictionary.
(Alphabetic index; no search; Inline hyperlinks).
David Darling’s Encyclopedia of Science. Extensive and detailed.
(Alphabetic index; search, category index).
Science Learning Glossary of Science-related terms.
(Alphabetic index).
Ngā Whetū’s Glossary on Astronomy.
(Search; Inline hyperlinks).


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