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Stargazing Basics

Some free resources for finding your way in the Night Sky.


What’s up in the sky this month?
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Have a look at our own section "Monthly Night Sky" to find Solar system objects or
look at "The Evening Sky" this month at the RASNZ website.
Basic stargazing
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It isn’t that hard.  If you can follow a map to find your way around a new city, you can find your way around the night sky.  Here you find a collection of links to learn the layout of the night sky, as well as how the sky appears to move during the year.
Crash Course in Basic Night Sky Observing
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If you’re new to astronomy, start out the right way with this free 5-day “crash course” in basic stargazing.

Stargazing 101
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The free guide “A Whirlwind Tour of the Night Sky” on how to find stars and major constellations in four seasons. Download your pdf for the Northern or Southern hemisphere.
Observing Basics Video Series
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Astronomy Magazine's editor Michael Bakich has receorded this video series with lots of practical tips for beginners and more experienced stargazers alike.
Extraordinary Sights in the Night Sky
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In this free guide, you will discover a little about the astonishing range of beautiful objects you can see with binoculars, a small telescope, or in some cases, simply with your unaided eye.
And a lot more
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The start page of the One-Minute Astronomer site is loaded with resources to get you started with stargazing.