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Visits to your School

(We welcome any suggestions for additional opportunities)

Cosmodome portable planetarium
Cosmodome makes astronomy easy to grasp while inspiring you to explore further. We come to you with a fully digital planetarium system and experienced astronomy presenters.  Go here

Starlab portable planetarium
Starlab is a portable Planetarium that comes to your school! This innovative approach makes it easier for you, the school and staff as you don't need to worry about the problems that come with a field trip off school grounds.  Go here


Fonterra Science Road Show
is a national travelling programme to schools and their communities aiming at students in Years 5–9. General science. Go here


Local Astronomer Visits
We are developing a list of volunteer astronomers, who are willing to visit schools on request. It is important to make reservations well in advance to avoid disappointments. It may also be possible to hook up via Skype with a presenter to save on time and travel.

When applying make sure to give sufficient details, e.g. name and location of your school, curriculum level and group size, requested date, time and length of visit, specific topic(s) of interest, etc. We cannot guarantee that a visit can be arranged as requested, but we will endeavour to make it happen.

Although this is a volunteer service, it is appropriate to compensate for travel costs for visiting presenters. This is to be arranged with the individual.

Contact us here to make a request.

Ask an Astronomer
Information for asking questions about Astronomy or Space Science are detailed in the Students Section here