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Primary Science Week
Primary Science Week is an opportunity for all New Zealand primary schools to engage in science teaching and learning. More information on the NZAPSE website.

Science Teaching Leadership Programme (STLP)
Opportunities for nominated primary teachers and secondary science teachers to work with science organisations and lead science in their schools.
The newly developed Science Teaching Leadership Programme by the Royal Society of New Zealand, supports the Government’s strategic direction for Science and Society by providing opportunities for teachers of science for years 1 – 10 to develop leadership skills and enhance the teaching of science within school communities.
This initiative requires an agreement from the school or science department to make science a priority learning and development for a year following the nominated teacher’s return to school. More information here.

Science Learn
Online professional development with the Hub – it's easy and it's FREE
Do you want to offer your students – or your staff – opportunities for more in-depth science learning but time or budget constraints get in the way? We can help.
The Science Learning Hub is now offering free online professional development. Join us from the comfort of your lounge (or your school desk if you'd really prefer) to learn more about the resources we provide.
Find out more on the Professional development page or on the Events page.

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Supports teacher development through scholarships and Study Awards in New Zealand. Go here

Earth and Space Science
Jenny Pollock regularly organises workshops and provides ongoing support to teachers for teaching and assessment of  the new standard of Earth and Space Science (ESS) in the strand Planet Earth and Beyond of the New Zealand Curriculum.
Contact Jenny

Science teachers play a key role in the development of scientific and health literacy, and scientific capability in our communities. Subject specific professional development allows teachers to regularly update their knowledge in order to inform their teaching.
Further details, including the dates of the workshops, cost and how to register are available on the LENScience website here.

EAAE Summer schools
are for teachers under the theme — Universe in the Classroom. The Summer Schools are organised by the European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) at various locations. They are held in the Northern summer season usually in July. More here.

is a new global online learning environment for free courses on many topics, including astronomy and cosmology. See the course schedule. Go here

University of California Irvine (UCI)
offers nearly 50 massive open, online courses in twelve catagories. UCI was an early adopter of MOOCs. Individual video lectures are also available on their site.