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Educators section - Introduction

This section is a one-stop location for resources and information by and for educators who teach topics in Astronomy and Space Science. Educators is a wide concept here, including anyone who somehow supports learning in Astronomy and Space Science, e.g. registered teachers, tutors, home-schooling parents, etc.

Students of all ages are of course also welcome to browse this section for their benefit.

Educators are encouraged to contribute to the content of this section by submitting additional information and links to resources that they have experienced as valuable. Also consider to contribute to the Resource Database, see below. Any other suggestions and comments are very welcome. Use the Contact Us link.


The Resource Database (READ) is a separate growing repository for resources that support education in Astronomy and Space Science.

This database is structured by curriculum range (age range), and resource type and also allows search on key phrase groups and key phrases.

The database is available to students and the general public, but educators will have privileged access through registration and login. They can upload resources to the database and submit reviews on existing resources.

See the separate link "READ" in the top navigation bar.