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Earth and Space Science (ESS)

About Earth and Space Science
Earth and Space Science (ESS) is a new subject based on the Planet Earth and Beyond strand of the New Zealand curriculum (NZC). ESS is assessed by standards derived from levels 6, 7 and 8 of the NZC.

All Level 1 ESS standards are part of the Science matrix, internally assessed and worth 4 credits each. They are numbered AS 1.13 – 1.16. Students do not need Level 1 ESS standards to take Levels 2 and 3 ESS, although courses assessed by these standards would give valuable background. 

Download the ESS matrix (pdf): here.

Many of the new ESS standards have considerable flexibility and could assess courses in astronomical, geological, marine and/or atmospheric contexts. Full year courses in Earth and Space Science, Earth Science, Astronomy, Marine Science, and Antarctic studies could be assessed. Standards could be included from other sciences as well.

Download ideas for courses using ESS standards as assessments (pdf): here.

External Resources
Although this is a new subject both NZQA and the Ministry of Education have good resources on line.

ESS subject resources: here
ESS assessment resources on TKI : here
Teaching and Learning Guidelines: here
Explanations of the NZC Achievement objectives for ESS: here


Contact Jenny Pollock for access to secure resources on Google Drive.