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Students with a Passion for Astronomy, 2016

The Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand is interested in promoting astronomy to students in New Zealand’s schools and universities who have an interest and passion for this science.

The Society is holding its annual conference in 2016 in Napier, 20 to 22 May 2016. The normal registration for non-members of the Society is $210 to come to the conference, but the Society is waiving this cost for up to 10 young astronomers who are keen to come and find out more about our science.

The theme of the 2016 conference will be the outer solar system bodies. Dr Michele Bannister, a NZ astronomer and planetary scientist with an interest in small distant solar system bodies, and currently working in Vancouver, will be a keynote speaker. She will talk about Pluto, which is a very topical subject as a result of the recent New Horizons spacecraft fly-by, which revealed the first ever close-up images of Pluto’s surface.

Planetary Exploration in Science Education

The "Winter 2016" Issue of The Universe in the Classroom is now available.

In this edition of The Universe in the Classroom, learn about the variety of ways planetary scientists explore the solar system, and how to actively engage learners in modeling the differences in data quality depending on the technology used to explore. Educators can engage students of all ages in planetary exploration, connecting them to current research and the reasons for exploring.

Find and download the resource here Planetary Exploration in Science Education.

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