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Course Introduction to Astronomy closing down

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The highly successful course that has been offered on Coursera by Ronen Plesser at Duke University is closing down. This means that you still have until the end of March 2016 to download the course material.
The title “Introduction” to Astronomy is a bit misleading, as the content is very comprehensive and goes quite deep for the average lay person.

See the Course Overview and Syllabus here.

When you are signed up as a student at Coursera, you can use the following links:
See the explanation for the shutdown here.
Download the course material here.
Additional resources can be found via the menu on the Course website.

We can highly recommend this course for anyone with a serious interest in Astronomy and Cosmology.

The Milky Way never looked so good

apex close1The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has just completed the APEX Telescope Large Area Survey of the Galaxy (ATLASGAL). The 12 m APEX telescope operates at sub-millimetre wavelengths and has produced maps that cover an area of sky 140 degrees long and 3 degrees wide, more than four times larger than the first ATLASGAL release. The new maps are also of higher quality, as some areas were re-observed to obtain a more uniform data quality over the whole survey area. See it here.